Monday, January 19, 2009

Watercolor Class on Sunday, January 25th. by Sally Delap-John

Sally Delap-John works in her studio at the base of the Sierra Nevada.  Her work reflects her years of studying various forms of art, her joy in creating it, and love of the world around her. She enjoys representing the local landscape in her work and often works en plein air.  Sally Delap-John finds excitement in pure pigments and the endless, beautiful combinations they create.  She enjoys the immediacy of watercolor to capture a scene, a mood, or the light at a particular moment as it illuminates a subject.

Her work is displayed year round in her studio, which is open to the public by appointment.  She regularly displays with Door Art Gallery, the Alliance of California Artists and the Art Stand.  She is a co-founder of the Art Stand, a cooperative of a dozen or so artists who have converted a former fruit stand to accommodate their art.  For many years, she has shown in the Reedley Fiesta, Fresno District Fair, and Madera Art Council Celebrate Agriculture with Art.  Her work can also be found in the Sequoia View Bed and Breakfast/Winery.

You can view her website here for more information and images.

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