Sunday, November 25, 2012


Yesterday's Sanger Art Hop at the gallery was a wonderful event! Hwy 180 was foggy, especially around Temperance Avenue, but the closer I got to the gallery, the clearer the road was. And although the first hour of the event was quiet, around 11:30 guests started trickling in, and early to mid afternoon we were swamped with visitors.

Frank Saxton chose a comfortable corner to set up with his Indian flute, and he stayed at the gallery all day. It was quite a treat to be listening to such a peaceful sound.

Sandy Kowallis, who'd caught pneumonia as soon as she came back from her Fijian vacation, was now healthy enough to attend our event and take care of the general gallery display. She even had energy to help me with sales and purchase wrapping. Deanna came by to drop off some of her new works of the sweet scenes of winter. (Click on the pic to enlarge.)

Elaine's large button-size ceramic magnets, Frank's greeting cards, and Deanna's cards of critters in the snow, plus bowls of candy and a vase of zinnias from my garden (yup, they're still blooming!).

We had nice refreshments all day. I'd brought my lunch, but the lentil dip was so nourishing that I didn't even worry about lunch.

A bowl of Madras lentils that we ate as a dip for the tortilla chips.

Chieko's favorite Wensleydale cheese with cranberries.

 A bowl of Cuties, and a plate of delicious oat-gran bars whose recipe belonged to Frank's great grandmother. Plus a bowl of candy, of course.

At the end of the day, as we were bringing in our Art Hop signs, Chieko noticed the sunset. It was beautiful! So we grabbed our cameras and snapped a few.

As we continued with our closing procedure, I had to turn one last look east at Jesse Morrow Mountain, and admired her serene beauty again as I said a thanksgiving prayer for the day, the people we spent the day with, the new friends we made, the loveliness that surrounds the gallery, and the goodness that is this Valley of ours.

Thank you all for making this such a beautiful day. Until the next Sanger Art Hop, 29 December 2012.

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter

Friday, November 23, 2012


On my way to the gallery this afternoon, I stopped at an orchard along Hwy 180 between Reed and Frankwood, a stone's throw from our gallery. The beautiful orange color of the orchard was quite breathtaking.

See for yourself by taking a drive to our gallery and several others near us, in Sanger. Tomorrow, Saturday the 24th, is the date for the November Sanger Art Hop. Here's a neat info poster that Kathleen Mattox, owner and artist of Mixed Messages Gallery, painted for tomorrow's event.

Come and partake of some refreshments at the Art Stand Gallery while enjoying the artistic offerings of our gallery members and getting ready for Christmas. We'll be waiting!

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Have a marvelously bountiful Thanksgiving to all! May we all experience the joyful thanksgiving of our forefathers. 

The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth (1914), by Jenny A. Brownscombe

Sunday, November 18, 2012

In Kings River Life Magazine

In preparation for the upcoming November Sanger Art Hop, which is this Saturday the 24th, journalist/photographer Cheryl Senn wrote up a nice article on last month's Art Hop. Yours truly and Chieko Delgado were interviewed and our pics are part of this article. Read the article here, enjoy the nice photos, and come and hang out with us this Saturday. There's plenty of exciting art to enjoy in different locations.

Things are definitely hap'nin' in Sanger. We're gearing up. Come join the fun!

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter

Saturday, November 17, 2012


 The day began with a drizzle, which turned into rain, on and off. We had some visitors, though. One family was going to have their pictures taken for their Christmas cards, but the plan had to be cancelled because of the wet weather. They saw our gallery and decided to come in and shop! Yay! We wished them good weather for their photo op perhaps later this week when the weather would be sunnier. 

The reception is over. Now we're preparing for the Sanger Art Hop next Saturday, 24 November. But I'd like to share with you the absolutely captivating beauty we saw this afternoon on Jesse Morrow Mountain. After a morning of loud rain --due to our tin roof-- around 1:30 pm the sun came out. I was hoping for a rainbow, but what we saw when we looked at Jesse Morrow was GOLD! See for yourself.

We'll see you Saturday.

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter


Today is our reception, 11am-5pm. Good art, good cheer, good food and company. See you there!

This hawk was circling over Jesse Morrow Mountain yesterday afternoon.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We Are Looking For New Members

The Art Stand Gallery in Minkler is looking for local artists for new membership. We are located on Hwy 180 at Frankwood Avenue in Minkler, on the way to Kings Canyon/Sequoia National Parks, below Squaw Valley. The building started its life as a fruit and produce stand, but in the Spring of 2000 a small group of dedicated local artists converted it into an art gallery.

Promoting the San Joaquin Valley's agricultural theme, much of our art reflects scenes familiar to the Valley. The gallery is on the Blossom Trail and the Fruit Trail routes, and is part of the Sanger Art Hop. Other businesses in the area include the School House Restaurant & Tavern across the street, Sequoia View B&B/Cedar View Winery, and Tivy Valley Winery.

Send inquiries to
Subject: ASG Membership. 

“Like” us on Facebook at

November view through our front window

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Video Preview

Photographer Martin Nunez has been busy! Here is one of his latest projects, a video of our gallery last month.

Since this filming, we have made some changes here and there to get ready for our two parties these upcoming two Saturdays, 17 and 24 November 2012.

Come to our parties and see for yourself. You'll be wowed by our new works.

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter


Sunday, November 11, 2012

TWO PARTIES at The Gallery This Month!

As if one party weren't enough for us, we are throwing TWO this November:
1. Next Saturday, 17 November 2012 is the Art Stand Gallery's Holiday Show reception. We will be there to greet you with our beautiful art and wonderful refreshments. Come spend a delightful time at our place! Gallery hours: 11am-5pm

2. The following Saturday, 24 November 2012, right after Thanksgiving, is the day for the Sanger Art Hop, and we will take part again in this fun event. Great art and warm hospitality await you. Hop on over! Gallery hours: 10am-5pm

In the meantime, check out one of our photographers Martin Nunez's video that he has put together based on his California Missions project. Martin visited all 21 of the historic California Missions within a year, beginning in May 2011, when he visited San Francisco de Solano, a Franciscan and the northernmost California Mission founded in 1823 in Sonoma. His touring of these important and historic places ended with a visit in May 2012 to Mission San Diego de Alcala, the first church in California, founded in 1769. Martin used his Nikon D-300 SLR camera to photograph the missions, and in the month-or-so break between trips, he worked on the photos he'd just taken, using Photoshop and Photomatix software to enhance the awe-inspiring colors of the missions and their surrounding areas.  Last summer Martin put together the video and is currently working on his first e-book based on this year-long journey. At our gallery, he has made available some of his fascinating Missions photos in his  2013 calendar. To visit Martin Nunez, you can also go to his website.

Come see us this month!

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter

A gorgeous shot of one of the missions taken by Martin Nunez.