Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Second Day of Christmas!

Hello, Friends!

I'm sorry to have neglected to send you a Christmas wish yesterday. It was a festive day filled with good cheer, a day of thanksgiving for all the blessings, large and small, in my life. My prayer is that yours, too, was merry and bright. But now that the Christmas rush is over --I hope-- it's time to remind you of the December Sanger Art Hop.

The gallery is closed for the season, but we would not want to miss this fun December Art Hop. So we decided to meet you at another location, in downtown Sanger, at the Sanger Art Station, where Deanna Sue Bristow, Chieko Delgado, Kay Owens, and I have set up a small gallery, beginning with the November Art Hop. It is on 1533 7th Street #206 (corner of 7th and P Street, caddy-corner from the Sanger Women's Club). The hours are 10am to 4pm.

And if you've never been to downtown Sanger, I'd like to suggest that you wear some comfortable walking shoes because these Art Hop locations are within walking distance from each other. It's quite a pleasant thing to walk in downtown Sanger, and there are places to stop for lunch. Of course, the Sanger Art Station will provide hot cocoa and marshmallows, along with some nice dainties.

Here's the list of participating December Sanger Art Hop locations that Kathleen Mattox has prepared for us. Click the image to enlarge.

Hope to see you at the Sanger Art Station.

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S. Wood, potter

Thursday, December 12, 2013

One Weekend Left!

Hello, ASG Friends!

This is just a to remind you that our gallery will only be open until the 15th (this coming Sunday) this year. We'll be on our Christmas vacation until it's time to reopen in early February for our Blossom Trail season. And there is a 20% discount on all sales until Sunday. If you haven't had time to come in yet, please do. We are open from 11 am to 5 pm.

We are waiting for you.

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Hello, ASG Friends!

This Thanksgiving Saturday is Sanger Art Hop day! And how exciting that there will be 10 --that's TEN!-- locations for you and your visiting family members and friends to visit in one artistically exciting day. Check out these posters (click pic to enlarge) that Kathleen Mattox has prepared, including the map of the ten locations.

Beginning on Art Hop Saturday until our last day of operation on 15 December, our gallery is offering a 20% discount on all of our art works. This brings you the reminder that we will be closed after that mid December day for our Christmas break, and we will reopen for Blossom Trail in early February 2014.

On another exciting note, yours truly with fellow ASG members Chieko Delgado, Kay Owens, and Deanna Sue Bristow are opening another gallery in downtown Sanger, called Sanger Art Station on P Street and 7th Street, suite #206. This new place has been added to the growing list of Sanger Art Hop participants.

We are NOT leaving this beloved ASG, oh no, not us! But this new gallery will soon provide us with the opportunity to bring to our faithful patrons our works in another location, while encouraging more Valley residents to find more artistic options to beautify their lives and homes with. Please find us on Facebook and click "Like". Here is our FB address . We will welcome old friends as well as new on the November Art Hop day, which happens to be Small Business Saturday as well. Our creed is "Shop local!"

We hope to see you at the Art Stand Gallery in Minkler in this season of mirth. Amidst the busy preparation for a festive Thanksgiving, remember to take a breather by stepping inside our place and enjoying a relaxing moment among our lovely art works, Wednesday through Sunday, 11am to 5pm. This week we are closed on Thanksgiving day so that everyone can enjoy a wonderful day with loved ones.

Have a fun week of Thanksgiving preparation, folks. Remember to pencil in Sanger Art Hop this Saturday on your calendar. Shop local!

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter

Friday, October 25, 2013

Sanger Art Hop Tomorrow

Saturday, 26 October 2013, which is tomorrow, is the last Saturday of the month. Yes, ALREADY! And that means it's Sanger Art Hop Day!

Last Saturday we moved into the Holidays Season, so when you come in, expect to see lovely winter scenes in many of the art works in our gallery. We'll be open at 10am. Come on over, and enjoy.

A nice selection of Deanna Sue Bristow's watercolor.

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Hello, all. 

We are looking for new members for our gallery, for the period between the Holiday Show (19 Oct-15 Dec 2013) and the end of the Fruit Trail season (beginning of July 2014). Please email me T@Q23.US to find all the details.

We are located in Minkler at the foot of Jesse Morrow Mountain, below Squaw Valley, past Centerville. We are directly across the School House Restaurant, on Hwy 180 (Kings Canyon Rd.) and Frankwood Ave. Besides the very busy restaurant, there is also the Cedar View Winery/Sequoia View Bed and Breakfast a mile south. Click on those names to get to their websites. 

Interested? Please contact us ASAP. Our new season is about to begin. Or do you know of any local artists who might be interested? Please forward them this blog. Thanks beforehand.

Elaine's pretty horses, Simmie and Winnie.

In the meanwhile, enjoy the nice weather by driving to our gallery and be captivated by our art works. We are open Wednesday to Sunday, 11 to 5. 

Always "mud"-dled, 

T.S.Wood, potter

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sad News

Pam's Quail (watercolor), Jody Seaman Tonai

Dear Friends of the Gallery,

with heavy heart I inform you that one of our gallery members, watercolorist Jody Seaman Tonai passed away on Monday afternoon, 2 September 2013.

Jody joined our gallery in 2000, when it was a little fledgling in the art scene of the San Joaquin Valley. She was a faithful member of our gallery, whose care for the well-being of the gallery we could count on. Even when she was dealing with health issues, she came to our meetings and participated in our discussions. When we decided to make the gallery front look more inviting, she volunteered to take on the areas right outside our doors where the two trees grow. We have a pleasant little garden by each of our front doors because she brought in many of the plants there, installed a timer for watering them, and did the weeding.

I will post any memorial arrangement when I know more. For now, we grieve with her family and mourn this great loss.

On behalf of our gallery,
Sorrowfully yours,

T.S. Wood

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sanger Art Hop and Demos this Saturday

Hello, art-loving ASG friends!

We are very excited about this coming Saturday, the 31st of August, our Sanger Art Hop day (10am-4pm). Why? For starters, we are going to have several demos going simultaneously by some of our members during the earlier part of the day. Some of us are going to set up tables outside the gallery, under trees and canopies, and show you what we do on a day-to-day basis in our own studios. The purpose of these demos, aside from giving you a glimpse of what studio life is like, is to invite you to participate in our workshops next month. So what you'll see during this Saturday demos will pretty much be what you'll get to do at the workshop next month. The workshops are going to be short ones, an hour or so for pottery, perhaps a couple of hours for painting, beginning at 11 am. And because they are short classes, the fees are also more affordable than our usual workshop fee. But because these demos are simultaneous, you can hop from one demo station to the next and see what kind of exciting art each gallery member is making. Make the rounds and pick up some art tricks you might be able to do at home. Or if you want to have the fun of taking an art class, sign up for next month's.

But here's another reason for you to come and see us this Saturday during Art Hop. Potter Jerry Chang had waaaay... too much artistic fun this past summer. He received an art scholarship and spent a couple of weeks in Monterey. Yeh, we felt so sorry for him... NOT! And what he brought back from those intensive two weeks are not something you'd want to miss. He brought to the gallery, among others, a serenely beautiful celadon vase that he'd carved with a swimming whale motif. One could just hear a hauntingly evocative whale song as one turns the vase around and follows the gliding whales. But as if that wasn't enough, Jerry also got to doing oil painting. His subjects were his own home, this beloved Valley of ours.

Jerry Chang's "Eucalyptus," oil.

Yesterday I was at the gallery and took pictures of several charming spots there to whet your appetite for this Saturday.

Sandy's watercolor, Elaine's sculpture, Kay Owens' jewelry, T.S.Wood's pottery.

Jody Seaman Tonai's little ducklings are waiting for you.

An arrangement of T.S.Wood pottery and deodar cedar "rose". 

And as usual, if you didn't know this already, I'm letting you know now that the gallery hosts a delectable reception. There will be tasty treats and a refreshingly wonderful punch. We are going to have a marvelous time during this Saturday's Art Hop. Come and see us. Our door is wide open for you.

Step right in. 

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter

Saturday, August 17, 2013


We're back from our summer break, and we have wonderful new pieces to show you. We are open every Wednesday to Sunday, 11am to 5pm. Plus, we're gearing up towards the August Sanger Art Hop, on the 31st of August, during which a few of our members will do special art demos. Here are some photos from this morning when we were setting up the place.

Sandy Kowallis making sense of the display.

Jerry Chang's pottery corner.

Deanna S. Bristow's peaceful barn scene.

Hope to see you soon.

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Helllooouuww... out there! We're looking for new members to join our gallery. We know you're there. We are getting ready for our new season (Autumn Colors), beginning on Saturday, 17 August 2013. Please send your email to with "ASG membership" in the Subject box. We're looking forward to hearing from you. 

Photo from naturalstaterving.comarkansas-rving-bird-watchers-check-out-these-bino-tips

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

FLUTE WORKSHOP this Saturday, 3 August 2013

From 9am to 1pm

This is a beginning workshop for first-time players or those having difficulties learning the basics. No previous experience is necessary and you don’t have to be able to read music or know anything about music notation. It begins with breathing and blowing techniques and goes through basic fingering techniques and includes interesting information about Native American flutes. Flutes will be available at the workshop both for use and for purchase, but you are welcome to bring your own, if you already have one. Participants will learn at least one heart-song and will have the opportunity to develop a heart song of their own.

There's still room. Register now. Contact, 559-577-2256. Or Elaine 559-787-3921.
Click on the following link for the PDF of our workshop flyer:

Frank Saxton's enchanting music at our event last November.

We hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity to make music. As the Bard once said through Duke Orsino, "If music be the food of love, play on," ... play on! Play on! 

Always "mud"-dled, 

T.S.Wood, potter

Friday, July 26, 2013

Update On Art Hop Tomorrow, Sat. 27 July 2013

Our apologies: due to the sizzling weather forecast for Art Hop day (tomorrow, 27 July), our uninsulated and tin roofed gallery will not be open. The good news is that member Chieko Delgado will have some of our gallery display at Kathleen Mattox's Mixed Messages Gallery in downtown Sanger (first listed on the poster). Click it to enlarge.

We thank Kathleen Mattox for her generosity and hospitality. Hope y'all have a glorious Art Hopping day. Don't forget to say hello to Chieko and Kathleen.

Always "mud"-dled,
T.S.Wood, potter

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Hello, Friends!

This Saturday, 27 July 2013, is a special day! Reason #1: Sandy Kowallis Hervatine's Oil Painting workshop is between 9am and 1pm. It is not too late to register. Info of the workshop:

Students should bring a canvas pre-stretched or canvas board, at least 11” x 14”, basic oil colors, including raw sienna, odorless mineral spirits and a glass container 1 pint in size, assorted oil brushes, including a 1” brush, a 1/2” brush, and others of their choice. Paper or cloth towels, plus a mixing palette or a heavy cardboard about 8” x 10”. They may bring a photo to work from, or we paint local scenery outdoors.
Sandy's website:
Questions? Call Sandy directly 559-324-9879, or Elaine 559-787-3921.

PDF for the flyer: click here

Sandy's fabulous oils of our neighbor the School House Restaurant and her friend's vineyard.

Reason #2: It is also the last Saturday of the month; hence it is Sanger Art Hop day. The theme for this month's Art Hop is "Random Acts of Kindness and Senseless Beauty." Check out this poster, courtesy of Kathleen Mattox, for the galleries that are participating in this month's Art Hop.

We hope to see you at the gallery this Saturday. In the meantime, may you see and take the opportunities to be kind to one another, may you be blessed to bring beauty into others' lives.

Always "mud"-dled,

T. S.Wood, potter

Thursday, July 18, 2013


TRAVEL JOURNAL, with painter Deanna Sue Bristow.
No matter if you are taking a major trip or just a ride in the country, travel journals give you the opportunity to record what you experience, a step beyond a photo. We will be working with watercolor pencils or regular watercolor (your choice) and Sharpie pens.
Bring: watercolors or watercolor pencils, black fine point Sharpie pen, small brush, painting support (a clipboard works well). If you have painting supplies that you would like to try, bring them along. Bring some photos of some favorite places in case the weather is inclement and we can’t sit outside. I will supply the paper and have a limited amount of painting supplies so you can experiment.
Question? Call Deanna (559) 855-3722

It's not too late to register. Call Deanna directly, or Elaine 559-787-3921.

Click here for the PDF of our workshop flyer. 

Deanna painting en plen air this past spring.

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter

Friday, July 12, 2013


Hello, ASG Friends!

This is a reminder that tomorrow, Saturday, 13 July 2013 (from 9am to 1pm) is the first workshop in our Summer Workshop Series. It's Melanie Schow's intriguing Wire Bending Workshop. Below you will find the description and what you will need. If you haven't pre-registered but would very much like to join the class, there might still be room for you. Contact Melanie directly

Wear comfortable, hot weather clothes. We will provide cold water. Hope to see you tomorrow. 

Wire Linking
Adults & Children 12+
This class teaches the basic technique for permanently linking beads, chain and design elements together. Used extensively in jewelry making, this skill is the basis of many designs from simple to elegant. You will learn about jeweler’s tools and how to use them to make consistent, round links that give your work a professional look. Teacher provides 22 gauge copper wire. Choose some inexpensive beads that coordinate with copper wire. You will use the copper for your first project and move up to “the good stuff” once you have mastered the technique.
Please bring the tools listed if you have them. Teacher has some tools to loan; if you don’t have the tools, bring what you can and we will do our best to provide the rest. 
Materials List (students): Strand of inexpensive beads (avoid pearls or semi-precious beads) .
Optional Materials: Copper jump rings 3-5mm, Copper clasp (spring ring, lobster claw, or toggle). 
Optional for design alternatives or additional projects: A Length of chain (to accommodate your wrist or 1’), headpins, ear wires, spacers and bead caps. 
Tools: Round nose pliers, Chain nose pliers, Flush cutter, Polishing cloth, Ruler. / Optional Tools: Flat nose pliers, Crimping pliers, Gauge Plate.
Questions? Email Melanie:

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter


Monday, June 24, 2013

June 2013 Sanger Art Hop

Wondering where to go, what to do this Saturday? Remember, it will be the last Saturday of the month, which means ... SANGER ART HOP! Yay!

Here is the list of the participating galleries, and whose art you will see there.

To see the flyer on Facebook, click here.

See you on Saturday.

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter

Art Hop Dates 'til December 2013


Our friend Kathleen Mattox put this flyer together for our Art Hop dates between June and the end of the year. The next one is coming up this weekend, Saturday, 29 June 2013. We'd love to see you.

The Sanger Art Hop also has a Facebook page. Click here. Check it out and keep up with fun artsy hap'nin's in Sanger and Minkler.

Also, I'd like to remind you to register early in the upcoming Summer Workshops at our gallery. Spaces in each class are filling up fast and our cozy but small place can accommodate only a certain number of people. If you have any questions about our workshops, drop us a line: 

For general gallery info, Chieko Delgado 559-281-9268
For general workshop info, Elaine T. Lane 559-787-3921
For any inquiry, click here for posting your message on our Facebook page.
For contacting the individual teacher of the class you're interested in taking, look at our workshop flyer (previous post in this blog). The contact information is at the end of each class description.

We hope to see y'all in a few days, if not sooner, Art Hoppers!

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Hello, Friends of the Art Stand Gallery!
Our Summer 2013 Workshop flyer is here. Four exciting art classes are waiting for you this summer. Click on the image for the PDF file so that you can print the registration form.

Hope you can join us.

Always "mud"-dled,
T.S.Wood, potter

Thursday, May 23, 2013

May Sanger Art Hop THIS SATURDAY the 25th

Oh my! How time has zipped through and it's only a couple of days left before this month's Art Hop. Come to the gallery and see our artistically exciting offerings.
Saturday, 25 May 2013.

Check out this flyer for the event that Kathleen Mattox has prepared for all the participating galleries.

We'll be waiting!

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter

Monday, April 29, 2013

Tent Event/Art Hop Video

ASG member Martin Nunez made a video of our Tent Event last Saturday and posted it on YouTube. Click here to watch it.

Thank you, Martin, for coming to the gallery despite your busy Saturday schedule.

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter

Friday, April 26, 2013


Hello again, Art Stand Friends!

This is just to remind you that our big Tent Event/April Sanger Art Hop is tomorrow, Saturday, 27 April 2013, 10am-4pm (5pm at our gallery). Come early to watch demos. We have an exciting day prepared for you, and there will be cool refreshments to make your visit more comfortable.

Yours truly at the wheel with gallery visitors during one of our Tent Event days.        

Remember that we will host visiting artists during this event, so be prepared to make new acquaintances and be wowed by their beautiful art works. See you tomorrow!

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This Saturday: TENT EVENT/April Sanger Art Hop

Just a reminder that our big event is coming up, this Saturday, 27 April 2013, 10am-5pm.
We will be joined by these guests:
SJCGA potter Stephen Veach
ACA painter Marilyn Torchin
Wreath maker Susan Klassen

I will be doing pottery demonstration on the potter's wheel, Frank Saxton will be playing the flute, Melanie Schow will be bending wire and making wonderful jewelry, and many of the painters will be painting en plen air.

Thanks to Kathleen Mattox for this fun poster.

Hope to see you at the gallery. 

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter

Monday, April 15, 2013

TENT EVENT: Sat., 27 April 2013

Art Stand Friends,

there's a lot of excitement at the end of this month. We are preparing for a big day: our TENT EVENT, which coincides with the April Sanger Art Hop. Those who have followed us for a few years know that the Tent Event means we invite non-members to show at our gallery and we do demos as well. En plen air is the mode, and yours truly will demo on the potter's wheel.

So if you're an artist who'd like to set up your own booth, we encourage you to participate in this event. The fee is $35 per booth per person. If you'd like to share a booth with another artist, the second artist pays an additional $5. We don't take commission for this opportunity. You are responsible for your own set up, and it's on a first come first serve basis. The event opens at 10 a.m., so we'd like you to have finished your set up by 9:45 and clear the parking lot. Some visitors come early because Sanger Art Hop is getting more publicity and people start early. The gallery hours end at 5pm, although Art Hop is until 4pm.

Member Martin Nunez set up a small exhibit outside.

If you are or you know others who are interested, the contact number is (559) 281-9268 or 559-787-3921. Hope you can join us.

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter

Monday, April 8, 2013

Kathleen's Painting

Former ASG member Kathleen Mattox, who now hails from her own Mixed Messages Gallery in downtown Sanger, painted this whimsical piece of our beloved gallery. Thank you, Kathleen, for such a delightful painting, complete with our neighbor's super tall palm tree in the back!

If you click on her link here, you'll see her newest series of paintings. Visit her at her charming "cottage" in downtown Sanger, 1310 8th Street. Call 559-905-3517 or email her at for more info.

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter

Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Sanger Art Hop this Saturday, 30 March 2013

Just a reminder, Art Stand Friends, that our hours this Saturday, the day before Easter, will be 10am-5pm. It's Sanger Art Hop day, which means there are plenty of activities in several galleries where you'll find wonderful art works for you and your loved ones.

Here is the list of participants.
And here's the wonderful flyer that Kathleen Mattox has prepared for us.

Visit us on Facebook. And we hope to see you at our gallery.

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter

Monday, March 4, 2013

Fresno Bee Interview With ASG Member Chieko Delgado

Our own member Chieko Delgado was recently interviewed by the Fresno Bee. Click here and read the article. Then get in the car (or on your bike) and enjoy the beauty of the Blossom Trail route!

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Last Saturday's Sanger Art Hop

We had a good February Art Hop last Saturday, thanks to all who came. Chieko Delgado, Martin Nunez (sitter of the day), Frank Saxton, Melanie Schow, and I were there to greet our visitors.

We had delightful treats, including hot beverages (I needed them!), and really nice flute music by Frank, along with two demos: Melanie's jewelry demo and Chieko's watercolor demo.

Some in the Johnson clan, among our most faithful visitors, came and spent some time with us. We entertained and taught them --Frank and Melanie were awesome teachers!-- but I wonder if they knew how they delighted us, these precious young'uns.

It was a rather pleasant day.

Come, Friends, this Saturday, 2 March 2013. It is the official Annual Blossom Days Festival, the Kings River Blossom Bike Ride, the Blossom Trail 10K Run, and the Blossom Trail Wine Weekend. Click on this Fresno County Blossom Trail site and choose the Events list to find out more info on each event. Our gallery will be open during its usual hours, 11am-5pm. Happy Trails, Blossom Trailers! 

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sanger Art Hop THIS SATURDAY, 23 Feb.2013

Dear Friends,

this Saturday is that time of the month again. That's right. It's Sanger Art Hop time! We will be open at 10am, an hour earlier than usual. Take a nice drive and stop at EIGHT different locations. Our own gallery features lots of gorgeous Blossom Trail inspired art works.

Kathleen Mattox from Mixed Messages has prepared this beautiful card for us, complete with a list of the locations and their addresses. Check it out (click on image to enlarge). And see you this Saturday!

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter

Sunday, February 10, 2013


The sky blessing Jesse Morrow Mountain on a Saturday afternoon

A beautiful and breezy early spring greeting to you all, Friends of the Art Stand Gallery!

Yesterday we had our spring cleaning and our first meeting of the year, and we welcomed the Blossom Trail season. We are also very pleased to introduce to you two new members to our team: watercolorist Gayle Williams and jeweler Melanie Schow.

Gayle's "Pam's Portrait"
Melanie's amazing metal jewelry

Our Blossom Trail season this year will last until Saturday, 13 April, with the Blossom Trail reception on Saturday, 2 March. But because we are also now part of the exciting Sanger Art Hop, which is held every last Saturday of each month, we will also have two other receptions (23 Febr and 30 Mar) before the end of this season. Moreover, we are open daily, 11am-5pm, this time of year. This promises to be a very busy and exciting season for us all!

Take a relaxing drive along Hwy 180 and visit us. The verdant green of Jesse Morrow Mountain and Mt. Campbell are quite inspiring. The expectation of a riotous show at the orchards along the road are bound to fill any heart with the hopeful joy of spring. And we have infused the gallery with Blossom Trail richness. The only thing still missing is your presence. Come, Friends! The pleasure of your company will complete the gallery.

The view from behind the gallery. Those are our neighbor's palm trees and barn.

The display team (Sandy and Deanna) hard at work.

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter

Saturday, January 5, 2013


We have exciting classes for you to begin 2013 artistically. The first one is Chieko Delgado's ORIGAMI and KIMONO class next Saturday, 12 January, noon to 4pm. Click on the flyer (front and back) to find the details.

Hope you can join us.

Always "mud"-dled,
T.S.Wood, potter