Sunday, December 4, 2011


As we have been doing for the past few years, we ring in the new year with a series of exciting art workshops at the gallery. Click here Download the flyer to read the descriptions in detail and to download the registration form. And mail in your form and payment early to secure your seat. Our space is limited, so the early birds get the seat. We are looking forward to sharing our art with you.

One More Week

Dear friends of the gallery,

I'd just like to remind you that the gallery will be open for only one more week this year. Our last day will be Sunday, 11 December 2011. If you haven't been to visit us this season, please do (we're closed on Tuesday and Wednesday). There are plenty of wonderful gifts to take home for the very special people in your life. Here are some pictures to give you an idea.

Glass bead jewelry by Elaine Towne Lane

Pastel by Kay Owens

Beaded brooches by Kay Gaston (there's a 20% discount on Kay's work until the 11th)

Elaine's Three Wisemen

T.S.Wood's oribe glazed serving platters with leaf imprints

There are also lovely prints, photography, and greeting cards as well as Christmas tree ornaments that surely would brighten up any tree. We hope to see you this week!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Photos from Day One (Sat, 19 Nov) of Reception Weekend.

One of the trees right outside our door is sporting golden vestments.

Chieko set up her tent on the east side, under the mulberry trees.

The yummy punch that Elaine made.

Crane origami Christmas tree ornament by Chieko.

Hand-painted ornament by Judy.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Enjoy the beauty of the season! When you're on your way to our gallery for the reception this weekend, if you're coming from Fresno/Clovis, when Hwy 180 turns left (at Reed Ave, where the Minkler fruit stand is), about a mile from the gallery, on your right hand side (south side of the road), you'll see this vibrantly flaming orchard. I happened to have my camera yesterday, so I had to pull over, hop out, and snap a couple of pictures.

See you at the reception.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


It's RECEPTION time! Thanksgiving is next week. Then Christmas will be here before you know it. We are ready to help you with your gift giving ideas and we are awaiting your cheery presence in our gallery this weekend.

Our reception is on Saturday and Sunday, 19-20 November 2011, from 11am until 5pm.

Come in from the cold and join us for a cup of hot cocoa while enjoying local art. Our gift tree is replete with wonderful little treasures. Take a look!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dear Art Lovers & Friends:
It is that time of the year again when we bring out the holiday decorations and get into the holiday spirit.
We would like to invite you all to come to the Art Stand Gallery to join the artists for an "Art for the Holidays" Open House Party to be held on Saturday and Sunday, November 19th and 20th from 11:00 AM until 5:00 PM.
There will be refreshments, good cheer, a chance to meet the artists and lots of art pieces to fill your Christmas stockings.

Kay Gaston
for the artists of
The Art Stand Gallery

(Planning For Winter, watercolor by Jodi Seaman-Tonai)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Last Saturday, 22 October 2011, we entered into the gallery's last season of the year, the Holidays Season. We had our meeting in the morning, after which new works were brought in and put on display. Many pieces bearing the beautiful colors of autumn still grace the gallery and are waiting for your visit. Naturally, quite a few pieces caught my attention and I lingered at each one, admiring the details. Take a look at Judy Lotspeich's rather lovely watercolor titled Autumn Leaves.

Last summer, clay artist Elaine Towne Lane took a lot of time in the painstaking process of glazing her detailed red-clay pots, which she'd handbuilt. The years she spent living in different countries and continents greatly influence the work she does today. The colors of the deserts, the trade beads prized by many African cultures, not to mention the textures and shapes found in the flora and fauna of exotic places, all contribute to what you see today in her corner at our gallery. Take a look at one of the results of her summer work (below): detailed glazing was done on each spot so that the deep red of the clay --purposefully left unglazed in many areas-- and the glossy glazed surfaces provide a contrast to each other. The whole piece seems to be teeming with life!

In case you haven't heard, we're hosting our Holidays Season 2011 reception on Saturday and Sunday, 19 and 20 November. Our hours are 11am-5pm. We look forward to showing you our new works. See you soon!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


We had a nice day at the gallery during our event on 15 October 2011, even though the morning was so slow that we started joking that there were actually more of us than all visitors combined since opening hour. The tasty food was ready, the lovely punch was cold and fizzy, the painters were en garde to enchant guests with their weapons: the brush! And I myself had spent quite a bit of energy wedging the clay to be used for the demo on my reliable potter's wheel. I must admit, I was perhaps the first one to put a dent on the food tables. Clay wedging requires A LOT of re-energizing! But where were the visitors?

Chieko, Lucretia, and Martin set up their booths on the east side, under the shady mulberry trees. Judy was on the south side of the parking lot, near the gallery sign. Carole and Kay O. were on the east side. Elaine was inside with Deanna waiting to greet guests. I, clay spattered mud-pie maker, set up shop, as usual, under the awning and tree right outside the gallery door. When some visitors started to trickle in, I decided to "look" busy and made teabowls, my usual warm-up pieces. But visitors or no, we had to mark the day with a group photo, so Martin got us all together and snapped a really nice pic by the metal gallery sign that Lyell Metcalf had made for us a while back (thank you again, Lyell! We miss you!).

(Back: Deanna Sue Bristow / L-R: Judy Lotspeich, Kay Owens, Martin Nunez, Lucretia Fillmore, Elaine Towne Lane, Carole Johnson, Chieko Delgado / Front: Tiwi S. Wood)

Aside from the day being the last weekend for the Big Fresno Fair --which might explain why we were somewhat lonesome-- perhaps people were just out and about later than usual, because in the afternoon we had more guests! YAY! And there were lots of children (YAY! again), most (if not all) of whom are children of my friends, the Corlew and the Johnson clans. And those who came had a good time watching different demos. A couple of the older kids even got to paint with Chieko! Thanks, Chieko, for being a gracious hostess! And some people went home with delightful treasures from our gallery! Thank you, friends of the gallery, for loving our work enough to take it home with you! You honored us with your presence and purchase.

This coming Saturday, 22 October 2011, the gallery will switch gear to the Holidays Season. Waiting for your approval will be plenty of beautiful art reflecting the joyful holidays. And the reception for this end-of-year season will be on Saturday-Sunday, 19-20 November 2011, 11am-5pm. Mark your calendar. See you then!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

AUTUMN COLORS TENT EVENT ... coming in 3 days!

(Photo: "Aspen Trees -- City of Aspendale, CA," by Martin Nunez)

Friends of the Art Stand Gallery,

we are looking forward to seeing you this Saturday, 15 October 2011 from 11 to 5 during our Autumn Colors Tent Event. There will be art demonstrations --painting, clay work on the potter's wheel-- by gallery members and guest artists (pottery demo until 3pm). And if you've been to our gallery, you know you'll find plenty of wonderful art works there. If you haven't, come for a lovely treat!

Drop in and share art talk and refreshments with us. If you'd like, bring your own canvas and easel and paint away! If you feel like playing with "dirt," there will be plenty of clay to remind you of those lovely childhood mud pies! Bring your friends and feast your eyes on AUTUMN COLORS at our place.

See you Saturday!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ready For Autumn?

Our gallery is now open again to welcome the fall season. We are preparing for our Tent Event, which is going to be on Saturday, October 15, 2011. Expect to see a riot of the festive colors of autumn... the glorious yellows, oranges, and reds! There will be plenty of wonderful art to choose from, as there is already now. But mark your calendar and spend the 15th of October with us, for it is going to be a wonderfully artistic day at the Art Stand Gallery!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Newsletter from Sally Delap-John, former Art Stand Gallery member

(And here is Sally's Summer Newsletter)

2011 Summer Newsletter      
Sally Delap-John

        It’s May 24, 2011 and snowing in Truchas, New Mexico. There has been at least one snow day per week since our move here at the end of April. The stormy days are providing dramatic scenery and light effects, however, and also making it possible to paint a snow scene at this time of year. Maybe that’s not so unusual - I’ll be finding that out in the years to come.
          I haven’t seen much wild life, except in town!!, but last Friday on the way home from Taos, we saw a small herd of deer, and later, an elk. Thankfully all were safely off the road. My dog Freckles, is an unending source of story material. Cattle guards freak her out and the drive to Santa Fe has five of them before you get to the junction at Pojoaque. After cattle guard #4, Freckles jumped up and suddenly we were stopping with the horn blowing. I pulled off and saw that she had pushed the gear shift(on the tree) to reverse. I put it in "park" and we surveyed the situation. All was fine, but it was startling.
          I’ve been out painting recently, but am still trying to sort through all that we moved.. The gallery is open most days. I’m planning a workshop for August 10 and 11. This workshop is open to all media, though I’ll be demonstrating oil. The date is close to Indian Market, as always, so that visitors may enjoy that event too.
          I’ll be updating my website to reflect gallery changes. I have completely left the Door Gallery in Fresno - missing all my gallery-mates and especially missing the class that I’ve enjoyed teaching these past several years. I still have a very few paintings at the Art Stand until the middle of July. Again, a separation from friends and fellow artists that all worked so hard to make our co-op a success, and it continues to go on. I remain the gallery artist for Cedar View Winery, where I’m showing watercolors reflecting the Central Valley of California and grapes and vineyards.
          I’ll be participating in the High Road Art Tour here at my gallery/studio the last two weekends of September - 17,18, and 24,25. I continue to have work at the High Road Market Place, here in Truchas.
          Biggest news is having work accepted at Manitou Galleries new site on Canyon Road in Santa Fe. The Grand Opening is June 24 if any of you are in the area, come and say hello.

From Truchas:


Early Spring 2011 Newsletter from Sally Delap John

(I'm running behind on many things--here is Sally Delap-John's first newsletter to post, written just before she moved to New Mexico)

2011 Early Spring Newsletter                                                                                                                                  
Sally Delap-John                                                                                                                                                                                                                                My yard is filling with all the beautiful flowers I have planted over the years. So far we have poppies, lupine, calendula, scarlet flax and all the lavender. Sweet peas are filling in and will be blooming soon. What a great send-off it will be when I move to New Mexico at the end of April.

          As the official move is nearing, we made a week over and back at the end of March - just missing the last big storm, and close enough to dodge snow over Tehachapi and around Flagstaff. Past that, it was lovely weather for the overnight in Truchas.

          I’m nearing the last of teaching watercolors to a wonderful group at the Door Gallery. Seeing the growth in them makes it bittersweet. Also have one more demo to do for Alliance of California Artists. I was a charter board member when this group split to have it’s own identity. As a watercolorist I’ve been before this group several times, this will be a first in oil. I’ll also be leaving the Art Stand, a co-op where I was a primary founder. What a joy to see it continuing and broadening in scope. I will remain the tasting room artist for Cedar View Winery.

          I am looking forward to a new, even more art-centric life in New Mexico. Look for me in the Essential Guide, a far-reaching publication. The June issue of Southwest Art Magazine will have a spread on Plein Air Painters of New Mexico and I’ll be included.

Summer Classes 2011

This flyer should have been posted weeks ago and there is no good excuse why it wasn't. We are 3/5 of the way through our summer workshops with only 2 classes left to go. Better late than never--here is the summer workshop flyer, front and back. There are still openings in both classes but call Elaine right away to reserve a space if you are reading this between July 31 and August 6.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Save the Dates, Please!

The old Sherwood Inn Restaurant Building--right across the street

The Art Stand Gallery will be holding our annual Open Studio event on Saturday, April 30th and Sunday, May lst. We have 2 new locations this year and some new things happening! Watch for the flyer and details within the next few days!

One other announcement is that the old Sherwood Inn Restaurant will be reopening in a few months as the School House, Restaurant and Tavern. Can't you just hardly wait? You'll be able to come out and have a nice lunch or dinner and visit the gallery, too!

Friday, March 4, 2011

New Art Stand Gallery Member

Last month, we welcomed Carole Johnson of Clovis as a new member of the Art Stand Gallery.
She started out as an oil painter but now primarily paints in watercolors. She has studied with Sharon Bortugno of Oakhurst and Carlene Kostiw of Fresno. We are so happy to have Carole as a member of the Art Stand Gallery.

Blossom Trail Poster Contest Winner!

This year, the winner of the Blossom Trail Poster Contest
(at the Big Fresno Fair in October) was 
Art Stand Gallery artist, Chieko Delgado! 
Congratulations, Chieko! 

You can buy copies of her beautiful poster at the Art Stand--
they are $20 each (unframed) or 
$25 each for a poster signed by the artist. 
They are really beautiful!

Chieko will be at the Art Stand Gallery on Sunday, March 6th!
Come by and meet her then!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blossom Trail Celebration March 5-6

Take a drive to the Art Stand Gallery this Saturday or Sunday to view the blossoms, meet the artists, and purchase beautiful art! We'll be open from 11 am till 5 pm both days. Hope to see you Saturday or Sunday!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Book/Journal Class by Kim Elia of Woodlake

Today we experienced a new class at the Art Stand Gallery. Kim Elia, Woodlake artist and member of the gallery, taught us how to use printmaking techniques to make our own accordian books. When completed, they can hold recipes, photographs, quotations, diary entries or anything else we wish to put on cards/tags that are stored in the pockets of the book. Here are some photos of the books we made today!