Friday, April 13, 2012

Sanger Art Hop: Saturday, 21 April 2012

Have you marked your calendar yet? A week from tomorrow, our gallery will participate in Sanger's first Art Hop. Our guest artists will help us make the day more festive at our own gallery, but check out these six participating locations as well:

* Sanger High School
Mixed media display, food booths, and performances.

* WAMS Gallery, founded by the Sanger Arts Council.
Artwork by local artists.

* Sanger Academy Charter, 2207 Ninth Street
1st-8th grade students' artwork.
7th-8th grade Guitar Ensemble between 11-11:30 am.

* Hallmark Charter (Sanger Academy Campus)
7th-12th grade students' artwork.

* M & E Flowers/Gallery, 1719 Seventh Street
Flowers, plants, and art by local artists.

* Mixed Messages Studio/Gallery, 1310 Eighth Street
Works by Kathleen Mattox.

At our own gallery, we will have art demos all day, plus refreshments. But don't forget, there are also two wineries (Cedar View, and Tivy Mountain) and two restaurants (The School House and The Blossom Trail) nearby.

(Kay Owens creating another wonderful pastel at our gallery)

Come and visit us and these other locations! Make Saturday the 21st a day of artistic adventures. Happy trails!

Always "mud"-dled,
T.S.Wood, potter

Sunday, April 1, 2012

TENT EVENT & Sanger Art Hop

Mark your calendar for our annual Tent Event during the Fruit Trail season.

Saturday, 21 April 2012
10am - 5pm

In the past, we usually held a Studio Tour this time of year in three or four different locations, in some members' private home studios near the gallery. However, some things have changed.

1. Sally Delap-John has moved to the Sangre de Cristo village in Truchas, New Mexico, and is doing very well there. We are very happy for her, although we miss her greatly! Visit her website.

2. Kathleen Mattox has left the coop and spread her vibrant wings in her own lovely little gallery in Sanger, called "Mixed Messages" Art/Studio Gallery. Visit her there and check out her blog.

3. Joan Lotspeich moved to a smaller and more manageable abode for her and her husband, and so doesn't quite have the space for hosting too many visitors.

Then we learned that the city of Sanger was planning to host its first Sanger Art Hop around the time we usually held our Studio Tour event, so we decided to change our format. This year, we all will congregate at the gallery, but we sent out invitations to other local artists to show with us to make our celebration more festive. There will be art demos all day. Yours truly will be there with the potter's wheel, as usual. Refreshments will also be available. I am already anticipating Elaine's wonderful punch! We hope you can join us that day and have great fun visiting our gallery and others.

But should you feel hungry and/or thirsty for more --after all, art hopping all day is bound to get a few taste buds craving for serious sustenance-- remember that The School House Restaurant and Tavern is across the street from us, The Blossom Trail Cafe is not too far, and the wineries Cedar View and Tivy Mountain are within close driving distance as well.

Take a pleasant drive on Hwy 180 this time of year, and enjoy the beauty of the orchards and the foothills.

(The old chimney at the foot of Jesse Morrow Mountain on the north side of Hwy. 180, below Squaw Valley)

Meanwhile, the studio beckons. There are pots to throw and fire and glaze and fire again. See all y'all soon.

Always "mud"-dled,
T.S.Wood, potter