Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sanger Art Hop and Demos this Saturday

Hello, art-loving ASG friends!

We are very excited about this coming Saturday, the 31st of August, our Sanger Art Hop day (10am-4pm). Why? For starters, we are going to have several demos going simultaneously by some of our members during the earlier part of the day. Some of us are going to set up tables outside the gallery, under trees and canopies, and show you what we do on a day-to-day basis in our own studios. The purpose of these demos, aside from giving you a glimpse of what studio life is like, is to invite you to participate in our workshops next month. So what you'll see during this Saturday demos will pretty much be what you'll get to do at the workshop next month. The workshops are going to be short ones, an hour or so for pottery, perhaps a couple of hours for painting, beginning at 11 am. And because they are short classes, the fees are also more affordable than our usual workshop fee. But because these demos are simultaneous, you can hop from one demo station to the next and see what kind of exciting art each gallery member is making. Make the rounds and pick up some art tricks you might be able to do at home. Or if you want to have the fun of taking an art class, sign up for next month's.

But here's another reason for you to come and see us this Saturday during Art Hop. Potter Jerry Chang had waaaay... too much artistic fun this past summer. He received an art scholarship and spent a couple of weeks in Monterey. Yeh, we felt so sorry for him... NOT! And what he brought back from those intensive two weeks are not something you'd want to miss. He brought to the gallery, among others, a serenely beautiful celadon vase that he'd carved with a swimming whale motif. One could just hear a hauntingly evocative whale song as one turns the vase around and follows the gliding whales. But as if that wasn't enough, Jerry also got to doing oil painting. His subjects were his own home, this beloved Valley of ours.

Jerry Chang's "Eucalyptus," oil.

Yesterday I was at the gallery and took pictures of several charming spots there to whet your appetite for this Saturday.

Sandy's watercolor, Elaine's sculpture, Kay Owens' jewelry, T.S.Wood's pottery.

Jody Seaman Tonai's little ducklings are waiting for you.

An arrangement of T.S.Wood pottery and deodar cedar "rose". 

And as usual, if you didn't know this already, I'm letting you know now that the gallery hosts a delectable reception. There will be tasty treats and a refreshingly wonderful punch. We are going to have a marvelous time during this Saturday's Art Hop. Come and see us. Our door is wide open for you.

Step right in. 

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter

Saturday, August 17, 2013


We're back from our summer break, and we have wonderful new pieces to show you. We are open every Wednesday to Sunday, 11am to 5pm. Plus, we're gearing up towards the August Sanger Art Hop, on the 31st of August, during which a few of our members will do special art demos. Here are some photos from this morning when we were setting up the place.

Sandy Kowallis making sense of the display.

Jerry Chang's pottery corner.

Deanna S. Bristow's peaceful barn scene.

Hope to see you soon.

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Helllooouuww... out there! We're looking for new members to join our gallery. We know you're there. We are getting ready for our new season (Autumn Colors), beginning on Saturday, 17 August 2013. Please send your email to with "ASG membership" in the Subject box. We're looking forward to hearing from you. 

Photo from naturalstaterving.comarkansas-rving-bird-watchers-check-out-these-bino-tips

Always "mud"-dled,

T.S.Wood, potter