Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Suzie Stach, Pastel Class, Sunday January 18th

Suzie Stach is an outstanding local pastel artist, nationally-known for her "fire art", depicting scenes of firefighters in action. She also does wonderful watercolors and oils. She planned, designed, and executed the "new look" on the doors and the signs at The Art Stand Gallery. 

She strives to put the viewer into her paintings by evoking a memory or experience. Her paintings are consistent award winners at juried shows and she has been recognized in national magazines as well. For more information and to see photos of her work, go to her website at fire-art.com

For Sunday's pastel class, Suzie will teach how to create strong pastel paintings through underpaintings and the use of rich color. She will demonstrate each stage of a painting and provide individual help to students. Come out and be prepared to learn a lot about painting a pastel painting if you are new to the medium or gaining additional knowledge if you are already a pastelist. 


  1. I couldn't make it to last weekend's workshops. (Last Saturday was Aria's birthday and Sunday was Saira's awards presentation and she won awards of excellence from the visual art and music composition categories.) The weather was nice, so I hope they had a great time at the Art Stand.

    I took Kay Owens's watercolor class before at the Fresno adult school and at her house. I learned a lot and I really enjoyed it. Kay teaches all sorts of different medias and she is a wonderful teacher. I'm looking forward to see what kind of class she will teach this summer.

    I also took Suzie's class before.
    I love Suzie's pastels, especially the colors and light that she creates.
    I really enjoyed watching her paint and I had fun at the class.

    I think taking a class from great artists is very valuable because you can learn technically and you also can get energy from them. You will be inspired by creative mind.
    I hope more people try the Art Stand workshops and feel these kind of experiences.

  2. Chieko, you are SO right about the value of taking a class at any stage in your own artistic career. The positive energy and motivation you get from learning new techniques and interacting with the other people in the class is invaluable.