Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 17, 2010

Today was our "change out" day, as we move from the Blossom Trail season to the Fruit Trail Season. We "interviewed" some prospective new members and will be announcing some additions very soon. We hate to see our members move on to something else, but it is always exciting to be bolstered by the enthusiastic attitudes of new "Artstanders"!

On Saturday, May lst, we will be having our annual "Open Studio" event. We hope you will save the date so that you can attend. Flyers and email notifications have gone out and if you didn't receive one and want one, please comment here and we'll make sure to send you one. You can also pick up a flyer with a map at the Art Stand Gallery or get one from any of the gallery members.


  1. Dear Art Stand ladies,
    I want to thank you for including me in your event as a guest artist at Kathleen's home studio. It was a wonderful day. I saw old friends and collectors and made new friends and, I hope, new collectors.
    I appreciate the time and effort that went into the planning of this event..
    Kay, it was so nice meeting you, but I feel bad that I didn't take the opportunity to thank you for awarding me the Best in Show award at the 2009 Yosemite Western Artists Tri-County Competition and Exhibition. I was thrilled....thank you!
    enjoy, julie

  2. Julie, it was wonderful having you and Vivian at my home studio for the Open Studio event. It was a great day--weather-wise, company-wise, artist-wise and every other way. Thank you so much for being part of the event this year. Hopefully, you will join us again another year and at other events as well.