Monday, February 15, 2010

The 2010 Blossom Trail Event and Reception

Nature’s Artwork: The Blossom Trail

The annual Blossom Trail comes alive every February, when motorists and bikers begin to see nature’s palette change dramatically.  The trail comes alive with brilliant colors from blossoming peach, nectarine, plum, orange, and almond trees in full bloom. The almond, orange, and plum trees display white petals, apricot trees delight us with pink petals, and peach and nectarine trees are aglow with pink to red petals.   I recommend stopping many times if you are driving so that you don’t miss the show ….

The trail runs through the towns of Sanger, Reedley, Orange Cove, Selma, Kingsburg and Fowler, some of the most productive agricultural land in the world.  The trail is 67 miles, with much to see and do, from Sanger’s “longest flume in the world, Reedley’s Mennonite quilting center, Old town Clovis’s old west architecture,  and Selma’s raisins.  Orange Cove is a fragrant city and Kingsburg is unique with its Swedish look and architecture.  Wineries, antique shops, and fruit stands may pique your interest, as may many of the unique downtown areas.  

February 5 was the official opening of the trail, and the blossoms have started to appear.   Saturday, March 6 the festivities begin with a car show, festival, and 10K Blossom Trail Run in Sanger.  The Art Stand Gallery, once an historic fruit stand and now an artist gallery, is in the heart of the Blossom Trail, and hosts its annual Blossom Trail show and Open House that day.    The Gallery is located on Highway 180 and Frankwood Avenue near Sanger, and features a variety of fine art and crafts from 14 local artists.

The local artists include Sally Delap-John from Sanger who works in watercolor, Kathleen Mattox, who specializes in watercolor and whimsical mixed media paintings, and Elaine Towne Lane, whose colorful ceramic pieces are most popular.  Deanna Bristow is an award winning watercolor artist who has twice won the Blossom Trail Poster Contest.  Chieko Delgado, Kay Owens, Sandy Kowalis, Doris Runyon, Suzie Stach, and Jody Tonai, are more of the wonderful painters who work with watercolor, oils, and pastels, and paint much of the local scenery you may recognize.  Kay Gaston creates unusual fiber-art dolls and fused dichroic jewelry; Toni Best does amazing work decorating gourds with feathers, beads, paint, and more.  Tiwi Wood works with clay and creates beautiful ceramic items, and I am the lone photographer who captures scenes from Tulare and Fresno counties, the National Parks, Central Coast, Southwest, and more.

Drive, hike, or bike the Blossom Trail to experience all it has to offer.   Browse the Art Stand Gallery which is open daily during the Blossom Trail from 11:00 AM to 5:00 pm.  Join the artists at the Art Stand Gallery Open House, Saturday, March 6.  Take home inspiration, a reminder of the beauty of the season, and perhaps a desire to create your own work of art as well…..

(Article written by Art Stand Gallery Artist, Jeri Burzin )

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