Monday, March 9, 2009

New, beautiful business cards!

Thanks to one of our ceramicists, Tiwi S. Wood, and her husband, Christopher Wood, we have new and beautiful business cards. They are VERY attractive and reflective of the "new and improved" Art Stand Gallery. Thank you, Toff and Tiwi! From all of us at the Art Stand Gallery.


  1. That is a great business card!
    Thanks to Tiwi and her husband!
    I tried to join this site as a follower;
    hopefully, it works!
    I used one of my photos that I took this year at the Blossom Trail.


  2. Chieko, I agree. The business card is wonderful! Thank you so much for joining as a follower and for frequently commenting on the blog. It really will help us all stay in touch and to communicate if we use all the features that the blog offers us. Welcome, as a follower of The Art Stand Gallery blog!