Monday, March 9, 2009

Blossom Trail Event last Saturday, March 7th

Last Saturday was a gorgeous spring day--warm, clear, sunny, and perfect for all the events planned along the Blossom Trail for the day. There was a bike ride/tour throughout the countryside, multiple events in Sanger and Reedley including an arts/crafts show in downtown Sanger, and the Blossom Trail Celebration at The Art Stand Gallery. Most of our artists were in attendance during the day, some painting, some displaying their latest works either inside the stand or outside in the parking lot under a tent, some waiting on customers inside, some taking care of the refreshments, and some visiting with guests. It was a very busy and fun-filled day with periods of time during the day when the Art Stand had many, many customers browsing the wares at the same time. There were times when cars were pulling into the lot in groups of 3 and 4. It was really amazing to see! And it was also amazing to see the joy on peoples' faces at the whole experience of seeing beauty in the countryside and in the art at the Art Stand.

If you didn't visit on the weekend, try to come out this week or next weekend. There are still plenty of blossoms on the fruit trees and the art just promises to get better and better as the season goes on!

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