Sunday, February 5, 2012


Yesterday, 5 February 2012, we re-opened our gallery door again for the 2012 Blossom Trail season. We gathered at the gallery at 9 a.m. and got to work right away, dusting, sweeping, scrubbing, vacuuming, spraying, readjusting some shelves (mine!) for a fresher look... until the place looked good enough to host our art work again and welcome our guests. It was then time for our first meeting of the year. We had a good winter workshop season, thanks to all who taught and learned! The results were nice, and everyone learned some new things to add to their bags of artistic tricks.

After cleaning, we weren't quite ready yet with our art work display because we had to have our first meeting of the year, but guests were dropping by already! They saw our cars in the parking lot and decided to come in. That's how popular our little place is. We greeted everyone and apologized for our unreadiness, but they were welcomed to peruse what was stacked in this and that corner waiting for hanging. We also told them to come back in the afternoon for a spectacular Blossom Trail display. In the meantime, why not visit the School House Restaurant and Tavern across the street (YES! It is now finally open!) and enjoy some nosh before coming back to our place in the afternoon? Here's the website, where you can check out the menus.

After the meeting, we brought all of our new pieces in and set up our beloved little gallery. Painter Sandy Kowallis was in charge of finalizing the display so that everything would look good, from the largest space to the tiniest corner addressed, all of the pieces complementing each other, and cohesion achieved in every spot. Thanks, Sandy, for lending the gallery your good, artist/designer eye!

After the meeting, as Sandy was beginning to organize our art work in the different display walls, baskets, and racks, four of our hard working members decided to reward themselves and go across the street to the restaurant. They were impressed with the restaurant! But because I wasn't done with my own display by lunch time, I placed my order to-go, which was the Steak Cobb Salad (see the salad menu). I was not disappointed! The salad was really fresh and a protein packed meal in itself! The generous amount of grilled steak was cooked to perfection --tender, juicy, pink slices of tasty beef-- and among the greens and tomatoes were sliced egg, crumbled bacon, and blue cheese. The vinaigrette dressing was oh-so delightfully refreshing. I was very happy with my salad, which gave me quite a boost to continue my work in the afternoon. Needless to say, I highly recommend this restaurant. Look at that menu, and enjoy your meal there when you come to our gallery this Blossom Trail season.

The weather has been gorgeous, although the orchards aren't quite ready yet with their pink and white vestments. But the drive in this sunny and cool weather was quite invigorating. Mark your calendar for our Blossom Trail Reception on 3 March. In the meanwhile, to tease your appetite for the upcoming orchard extravaganzas, here are some pink beauties from the canvas of Chieko Delgado, one of our own members.

Happy Blossom Trailing, everyone. May our orchards bloom profusely!

Always "mud"dled,
T.S. Wood, potter

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