Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer 2010/Sally Delap-John/Newsletter from New Mexico

For the past three years, I've returned to Truchas, New Mexico to live, breathe, and create art.  My work there is in oils, on location.  The intriguing hill towns between Santa Fe and Taos offer haunting images for the intrepid painter.  Accompanied by my faithful dog, Freckles, we roam the hills scouting for the perfect painting scene.  Come and stay in the "land of enchantment", check out my gallery in Truchas, and feel the indescribable mystique.

If you paint, bring your stuff and join me or sign up for my annual August Workshop.  The workshop is August 14 & 15.  Contact me for information on where to stay, eat, etc.

June  ended without the "usual" monsoonal daily showers.  July began with several nights of fireworks over the high llanos and clear night skies.  Now the rain is coming in strong.  Truchas received so much snow in winter, that the irrigation acequias are flowing full and fast.  One of the older churches that served as a gallery was flooded and the artists had to relocate.

Most of my painting in June has been of Truchas.  During two sessions in Taos we went to original Taos Artist Colony painters dwellings: Blumenshein and Couse.  Both locations are open to the public and have lovely gardens adjacent to them. Last week we went to Dixon.  Apricots were ripening and small irrigation ditches were flowing everywhere.

Happy painting!

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