Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How to Become a Follower of The Art Stand Gallery

We need more "followers", people who read our blog consistently and receive email notifications when the blog has been updated with a new post. These are the steps to follow to become a follower:

1. Go to (but you are obviously already here!)

2. Go to the left hand sidebar and scroll down through the sections entitled "The Artists", "Blog Archive",  "Topics", "Links", and then you'll see a section called "Friends, Fans, and Supporters of The Art Stand Gallery."

3. Right under that header, you'll see a small button to click that says "Follow". Click on it and a window will open that gives you several choices of an "identity" to use as a follower. The choices are Google, AIM (AOL), Yahoo, NetLog, or Open ID. If you have a Google, AOL, or Yahoo account, log in with that information on this screen. If you have none of them, there is an option at the bottom of the window that says "Create a New G-mail Account". If you choose that option, you'll need to enter a user name and a password and then you'll be assigned a Google account (free) which also entitles you to a G-mail account (also free).

4. Once you are a follower, your picture will appear in the box beside your user name in the follower area and also whenever you post a comment on the blog. If you have an account with a profile photo, it uses that one. Otherwise you'll have a generic "profile" photo until you choose one and upload one. The photo is not essential. You can be a follower without a photo.

5. Let me know if you are unsuccessful and tell me what's happening and I'll see if I can help you out.

Good luck! I anticipate more followers very soon!

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