Friday, September 18, 2009

The Madera Ag Show Reception last night, September 17th

Not only was last night Art Hop at the Art Stand Gallery, it was also the reception for the 2009 Madera Ag Show. At the Ag Show, the Art Stand Gallery was very well represented. Artists Kay Owens (featured artist at the Art Hop in Minkler last night), Chieko Delgado, Kathleen Mattox, Suzie Stach, Sally Delap-John, and Deanna Bristow had work accepted and awarded.

Congratulations to Suzie Stach for a first place in the Vines category with a beautiful pastel of grapes on the vine and to Kathleen Mattox for a second in the same category with a 3D mannequin named "Sherry".  Kathleen also received a 3rd place in the citrus category with another mannequin named "Clementine". Hopefully, I haven't forgotten to mention an artist or an award. I'll check the catalogue later and update this post. In any case, the Art Stand Gallery members are a busy group of actively involved artists!

If you haven't attended the show, be sure that you do. The Circle Gallery is in Madera on Schnoor Avenue. If you are traveling from Fresno, take the Cleveland Avenue exit at the north end of Madera. Go over the freeway (west) to the 3rd stoplight. Turn left onto Schnoor and then take the second left you can make into the parking area for the gallery and other shops. Park, browse, and enjoy!

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