Friday, June 12, 2009

SUMMER WORKSHOPS at The Art Stand Gallery

As many of you know, we offer a series of classes in the summer. Some are for children, most are for adults. Attached above is a flyer for the upcoming classes and a registration form. Sign ups are currently taking place. You may call Elaine Towne Lane at 787-3921 or email tswood to register.

Looking at the small version of the workshop flyer that is shown above, you can double click on it to bring up a much larger, printable version. Try it! And you'll see that it works! The magic of technology, right?

Print it out, fill it out, and send it in with your choices of classes and your check for the required amount. The classes will enhance your skills, allow you to meet some wonderful people, and are all tremendously FUN!


  1. Thank you for up dating the blog! Chieko

  2. I'm glad to finally be posting again. Thanks for doing Art Hop with Jeri last week. I hope you had some new visitors.

  3. Kathleen - I have printed out the flyer and given it to several people that I think might be interested in one or more of your workshops.

    I am considering taking the pastel workshop. I think it would be a blast!!

    I hope things are going well.

  4. Hi, Melanie! Thanks for given the flyer to others who might be interested. The workshops have been well attended and well received. I hope you can take the pastel workshop. You would enjoy it. Maybe we'll see you there.