Friday, January 15, 2010

January 16th and 17th Classes

Saturday, January 16th, Sandy Kowallis will teach a much-anticipated and long-awaited ABSTRACT watercolor class! I can hardly wait to be a participant myself. Sandy's work is admired by many and she is sought-after as a teacher.

And what can I tell you about Sunday's teacher, Kathleen Mattox?

Anything you want to know. . . . . IF you come out and take the class! It's hard to write about myself, but I can guarantee we will have a fun day of Mixed Media Exploration on Sunday.

Come out to play, learn, have fun and try some things you haven't even considered before. :)

Art Stand Participants LOVED the Gourd Class Last Weekend!

Toni Best of Visalia taught a wonderful class on dying
and embellishing natural gourds with a hand-sewn band
of pine needles around the top opening last Sunday
at the Art Stand Gallery.

Participants loved it!

They each designed and completed or almost completed a beautiful, one of a kind project in the one day class.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Change in Instructor for the Pastel Class

The pastel class coming up this weekend and originally to be taught by Doris Runyon will now be taught by Kay Owens. As far as I know, there are still openings.

Remember to:

1. Dress in layers.

2. Bring what you have in the way of supplies to any of the classes, knowing that instructors bring supplies and participants are usually wonderful about sharing, too. Do NOT invest a fortune in supplies you may not use again after the class.

3. Bring a lunch for the 6 hour classes. Bring what you need in the way of snacks for any of the classes. Snack bars, water, and hot beverages will be provided for all classes.

4. Look forward to great classes, as always!