Monday, July 13, 2009

Art Hop Opportunity in Reedley this Thursday evening

The ArtHop this Thursday on Reedley's G Street will have the aire of an Art in the Park. There will be artists with their art, Chalk the Walk, face painting, a bounce house, interactive art area for the kids, performances, and tons of great fun!

The City of Reedley is doing a phone blitz to all residents about ArtHop! Reedley has historically always had extremely good attendance to their events, so I expect this ArtHop to be well attended. Pleaseconsider showing your work and/or performing at this event. There are no fees or commissions, all it requires is a little of your time. Two businesses have already approached me to orgainize rotating art by local artists (meaning Fresno County) throughout their locations. They have offered their walls to support art in the community. I expect more businesses to follow suit. Those business owners/CEOs will be in attendance Thursday night along with a host of others. This will be a great opportunity for exposure and possible revenue.

Setup begins at 4:00. Let me know if you will be there. I hope so! (from Melanie Fountain)

Reedley is only 25 minutes from downtown Fresno...not that far and well worth the drive.

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A Welcome and a Goodbye

Janet Bray of Sanger, one of our photographers, is leaving the Art Stand for the moment. Hopefully, she will return at a later date but for now, Janet's work will no longer be shown at the gallery. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage, Janet, and we all wish you the best and happy traveling in the upcoming months!

As Janet leaves us, Doris Runyon, a well-known and well-respected artist from Fresno is joining us. She has been a member of the gallery before and we welcome her back with open arms. Doris paints in oils and acrylics and sometimes in watercolor. She specializes in realistic local scenes and wonderful still lifes of produce, flowers etc. You will enjoy seeing her work at the Art Stand when we reopen in August. Welcome, Doris!

July Challenge

All Art Stand artists, friends, neighbors, and supporters are being encouraged to become a follower of this blog. All you have to do is this:

1. Scroll down the left hand column of the blog.

2. Find the heading that says:  Friends, Fans, and Supporters of the Art Stand Gallery

3. Select "Join" to become a friend/follower of the blog.

Continue down the left hand side to the bottom of the blog where you will see "Subscribe To The Blog". Under "Posts" and "All Comments" you can select a service to let you know when either the posts or the comments to the posts (or both) are updated. You will get an automatic notice in your email that there is an update. If you have a Google account, choose Google and if you have a Yahoo account, choose Yahoo. If you have neither, try any one of the other providers.

My personal goal is to have 20 followers by the end of August. Can we do it? YES! IF you each will do your part and become a friend/follower of  The Art Stand Gallery blog.

Thank you so much!

Summer Workshops

Sign up for Summer Workshops by calling Elaine Towne Lane at 787-3921 or replying by email or comment through the blog. It is fine to pay when you come to the class and there is room for more participants in all sessions at this time. They do usually fill up so don't wait too long to make your decision. . . . because. . . the first class is next Saturday, July 18th.

Sandy Kowallis will be teaching a watercolor class on Saturday, July 18th. It will be from 9 AM till 1 PM. Dress for the heat and know that water and snacks will be provided. The class costs $30 and in the class Sandy will specifically address composition, lighting and values. Her materials are listed below on the copy of the class flyer which you can enlarge by clicking on it. 
Students of all levels from beginner to advanced are welcome and will benefit from her instruction. Hope to see you there!

On Sunday, July 19th, Elaine Towne Lane will teach session 1 of a 2 session Ceramics class for adults and children. Different techniques will be taught and experimented with. The second session will follow on Sunday, August 2nd and the 2 sessions together will cost $45.

Come play and have fun this summer--expand your skills and indulge your creative side!